Admission Process

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah.

The College thanks all parents who applied for admission on behalf of their children. The second batch of admissions for JSS1applicant is now released, and was based on merit. The admission list for Transfer applicants is also released.
The lists of students offered admission are based on:
a) Their entrance exam results in English, Oral English, Maths and General Knowledge,
b) The applicants’ previous records (academic and behavioural)
c) Interview- assessment of applicants’ potential and whether, to the best of our judgement, the student will fit in well with the ethos of the College.
For the second batch of supplementary exam for JSS1, we have had close to 78 applicants tested for JSS1. For the Transferees exam, over 74 applicants wrote exams for JSS2, JSS3 and SS1. We have offered admission to a total of 36 applicants for JSS1 and a few spaces for Transferees.
We sympathize with those who are not among the top 36 applicants given provisional admission to JSS1. It does not mean that your child is not intelligent: many of the candidates performed quite well, but others performed better. Admission is highly competitive and many students are weak in Maths. Students in Primary 6 generally do better than students in Primary 5. Many would do better with the extra year.

Applicants on the JSS1 Reserve list will be considered if any of those offered admission do not take up the offer before Monday, the 15th of May, 2017; he or she will be considered again when the deadline for those offered admission after the supplementary exam expires by Tuesday 6th June. Such places will be offered to those on the reserve list by turns
Transfer applicants on the Reserve list will be considered by the end of May, 2017, or before the end of this session in July, 2017.

We advise all parents of candidates on the reserve list to keep in touch with the School Registrar on 080-52662218 so that in case a vacancy arises they can be quickly notified.

We understand the feelings of those parents and candidates who had high expectations or had special reasons for wanting or expecting admission. We believe however that they will appreciate that we cannot increase class sizes without putting standards at risk. We pray that Allah provides you a good alternative for you.
24th April, 2017.

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