• The Curriculum comprises all the learning experience organized by the College including formal lessons and all co-curricular activities, within the premises and outside.
  • We blend the National Curriculum, IGCSE 'O' level curriculum and the New Horizons specially designed Curriculum which comprises Islamic Perspectives, Qur'anic Arabic, World History, World Geography, Thinking Skills etc.
  • Active teaching and learning techniques are encouraged through provision of a qualified and experienced teachers, well-equipped specialist rooms and laboratories, and frequent workshops to update staff.
  • Our first curriculum is based on Nigerian Educational system, the curriculum is made of two parts; the Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Curriculums.
  • Senior Secondary students are streamed for Arts and Science classes. This is based on:
  1. Aptitude test
  2. Performance in promotion exams
  3. Students’ Preference
  4. Subject/Class teacher’s recommendation
  5. Counsellor’s recommendation
  6. Parent’s Preference

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