Special Subjects

  • Islamic Perspectives: is one of the special subjects offered in New Horizons College. It tries to inculcate in the children, the ability to view the environment, science and life in general using Islamic lenses – it shows how compatible and comfortable, Islam is with everything created.
  • Train – the Trainers Course in Da’wah and Dialogue is a course tailored to equip our students with skills needed to interact and live in peace with non-Muslims, as well as an inoculation against disbelief.
  • Life Skills/Financial Literacy (for SS 3)/Pre-marital Counseling Courses (for SS 3), are specially designed for our students to endow them with skills that will be beneficial to them and their society.
  • Uninterrupted Students Silent Reading (USSR) – is a program designed for development of reading skills and culture.
  • Personal Development and Leadership Courses which teaches skills and principles for achieving a high level of effectiveness in all areas of life. For more on this go to Downloads and click Beyond Academic Excellence.